Pelago Bioscience AB

Pelago Bioscience AB is a CRO offering target engagement measurements of small molecule compounds on target proteins. We use our patented Cellular Thermal Shift Assay (CETSA™) technology to enable direct, in situ physiologically relevant measurements of target engagement on target proteins in lysate, intact cells and tissue samples.
Services include assay development and screening using fit for purpose protein detection and quantification methods. The results are used by our clients to accelerate preclinical and clinical drug discovery and diagnostics development. Study results are delivered in validated reports, including interpretation and conclusions.

Pelago Bioscience AB was spun out from the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden in 2013 to provide and develop the patented CETSA method for use in determination and quantification of drug–target interactions. Using CETSA data and applications, drug discovery R&D companies will be able to make better and more informed decisions at earlier stages in their projects. This will reduce time and money spent on the wrong compounds and allow faster development of more efficacious new drugs.

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