What we offer

Karolinska Institutet Science Park is an integrated environment for
knowledge-intensive companies, both startups and more established, wishing to work in a creative and novel ways.

Infrastructure and service

Karolinska Institutet Science Park is a place of growth and development where innovation, knowledge, advice and experience are key elements, all to create the best possible conditions for the development of innovative ideas and companies.

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In collaboration with Karolinska Institutet Innovations AB, a sister company of Karolinska Institutet’s innovation, is the possibility of incubator services, where the newborn company will support all the way from start to commercial development and growth.

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Life science support functions

Our support functions

With infrastructure and services as a basis, a company needs a business development environment to grow.

Karolinska Institutet Science Park provides supporting functions to enhance networking, find investors and to pursue drug discovery in an efficient manner.


The knowledge and experience provides KI Science Park seminar program tailored to companies in the park. See upcoming events at this link.

Internationalization support

Do you need to expand your network or get support to reach out internationally? Together with our partners, internationalization can be facilitated.

Mentoring program

About the program

KI Science Park’s Mentoring Program is a unique, year-long exchange and development program for managers in growing life science companies, providing highly focused networking and training to meet the challenges of life science business. Focused experience sharing and network building increase managers ability to develop life science companies.

How does it work?

The mentees are matched to a counterpart who has relevant experience to offer by an external consultant. The mentoring pair is responsible for arranging several informal meetings a year, with follow up and the guidance and support of the consultant where necessary.

In order to support the program a series of half-day workshops are organized; a platform for mutual support among the companies is being created.

What was the background to this approach?

Drug development takes many years. Along the path toward successful launch of a new medicine there are many new skills to develop and knowledge to acquire. Companies that have moved further along the development cycle have important experience to share with their less experienced or advanced counterparts. The mentoring program seeks to create the conditions for highly focussed network building in an attempt to support early stage organisations with the perspective and learning from their experienced peers and external experts.

Are you interested in participating as a mentee or mentor in KI Science Park’s mentoring program? Do not hesitate to contact us!

TPP The Company Pass

A “compass” to help small research companies to navigate through the drug development many pitfalls. How can one describe the web-based tool that is being presented at KI Science Park: TPP The Company Compass ™

– The goal is to provide small research companies access to structured support to conduct drug discovery in an efficient manner. It is an impossibility for companies with only a few employees themselves have the necessary skills to get everything in place on the squiggly path from idea to clinical trials, so now we are developing a web-based guide that can save you both time and money.

The idea is that the compass should be a living document where best practice examples implemented continuously.

Compass project started in 2011 with financial support from the EU and the focus is suspended on the preclinical phases.

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